Weingut Köwerich

Leiwen is a small town adjacent to Trittenheim, on the Mittel-Mosel. Winemaker Nick Köwerich and his wife Annette manage a small but efficient estate that is steadily gaining in reputation in Germany. The slopes in this section of the Mosel are steep, and tending the vines is hard work, but the result is some truly outstanding wines.

Nick Köwerich (pronounced Ker-ver-ish) studied at the famous Geisenheim Institute, and about twenty years ago decided to revamp his family’s estate. He is one of the “new breed” of Mosel vintners that are challenging the traditional estates in the region. Leiwen has some top vineyards, relying on the famous slate soil of the Mosel, and Laurentiuslay is one of the best. Riesling is reserved for the best sites, owing to its winter hardiness and perfect suitability to the slate that defines most of the Mosel’s vineyards.

In recent years, Köwerich wines have distinguished themselves in all the major professional judgings: Mundus Vini, (Gold Medal), Best of Riesling in 2015, and Decanter Regional Trophy in 2015. This marks the first time this fine estate has been available in the NJ and NJ markets. Frank Johnson is their first US importer.