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In Rüdesheim, the heart of the Rheingau, the Rhine River at its opening to the north has cultivated one of Germany’s best vineyards. Protected against the cold of north and west, the steep southern hills of the RÜDESHEIMER BERG together with the Rhine build a natural concave mirror towards the sun. The direct neighborhood of the light-reflecting and heat-accumulating Rhine River produces a maximum of light and heat, which make the snow melt early and guarantee a long maturing process of the grapes.

The Riesling finds its best growing conditions on these dry, rocky southern hills. It is not a very fruit-bearing grape vine type. The cluster is small, densely covered with grapes and it ripens late.

During the extensive growing period the fruit develops and acid refinement takes place, both of which are characteristic of stimulating liveliness and freshness of Quality and Kabinett Wines. The autumnal morning mists of the nearby Rhine support the “noble rot,” which represents the characteristic of the most elegant, aromatic „Spätlesen” (wine made from late-gathered grapes) and superior „Auslesen” (wine made from choicest grapes).

Therefore, the quality of the „Rüdesheimer Riesling” not only depends on grape must degrees, but mainly on acid, the elegance of which is being cultivated by the easily warming rocky soil.

The acid is the backbone of the wine’s lifetime and characterizes the uniqueness of the „Rüdesheimer Riesling”:
An extremely fruity and robust wine with a superbly balanced palate.

The local NÄGLER-Family, wine-growers and craftsmen, already owned vineyards in the „Rüdesheimer Berg” area prior to 1826. Today, the estate cultivates an area of 14 acres of which 90% are planted with Riesling and 10% with Spätburgunder. The vineyards are located in the best wine-growing areas of Rüdesheim.

Berg Schloßberg – in the vicinity of the Ehrenfels Castle: The extremely steep, rocky quartz and slate soil produces rich wines and finely differentiated acid.

Berg Roseneck – the steepest location of the „Rüdesheimer Berg”: Superior, elegant and well-balanced wines are maturing on the steep quartz and slate soil.

Berg Rottland- closest to the Rhine River: Wine of grand maturity, elegant acid and full scope are growing on skeleton like quartz and slate soil.

Drachenstein – below the „Niederwald (Germaina) Monument”: Loess containing soil brings steely, full wines.

Bischofsberg- above Rottland: Shallow to middle loess and quartz soil produces full-bodied and full wines.

It is a personal obligation of the present owner, Diplom-Weinbau-Ingenieur Tilbert Nägler , to achieve superior quality and maintain the character of the wines from the different locations. A harvest-limiting cut of the vines, differentiated wine-pressing and separate, traditional cultivation in wooden casks unfold the individual character of the wines from the various locations.

The powerful, fruity Riesling acid is a special characteristic of the estate’s wines. It is the basic requirement for the extensive storage capability of the wines, which reach their perfection only after several years of bottle age.

Due their especially strong character, the wines are perfectly suited for consumption with meals.
The RIESLING-KLASSIC from the Rüdesheimer Berg

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