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Frank Johnson spent the summer of 1969 living in Germany and came back an entirely changed man. From his experience abroad, he concluded that his outlook was more European than American, and so he changed his major in college from medicine to modern European history. Although a medical career might have been more rewarding to him financially, the European mind has always appealed to him. Wine was a logical outcome from his European cultural experiences, as was German beer, and, to an even greater extent, his long friendship with the people of Europe.

In 2017, Frank Johnson Selections has now expanded to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and California. Besides brokering wines with importers and distributors around the country, Frank Johnson performs custom importing services for retailers, restaurants and clubs in the greater New York metropolitan area, offering fine wine rarities at a greatly reduced price. By eliminating a standard wholesaler's markup, Frank Johnson Selections allows substantial savings to the customer, and also provides superior warehousing and delivery service.

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