Domaine Chéreau-Carré

In the lower Loire Valley, the best growing area for Muscadet is defined by two tributaries of the Loire, the Sèvre and the Maine, which join near the picturesque Château du Coing at Saint-Fiacre. The confluence of these two rivers relates to the best growing region for Muscadet, in the Pays Nantais; the Chéreau-Carré family owns the Château du Coing, which dates to the 15th century.

The Chéreaus have spent a lifetime promoting Muscadet on world markets. Bernard Chéreau, the current director, is very proud to supply a majority of the best seafood restaurants in Paris, and is very active in the export trade. In addition to the Château du Coing and the Château de Chesnaie, the Chéreaus also own Domaine du Bois-Bruley in the township of Saint-Fiacre, which I have been representing for nearly twenty years. Through its quality and consistency, it has been my favorite among the several excellent estates that the Chéreaus control.

This is Muscadet at its best: the small property regularly produces graceful, scented wines, with the crisp acidity and ripe fruit characteristic of a good Muscadet. Those who seek an ideal seafood wine should look no further than Domaine Bois-Bruley.