Chateau Courançonne


Gold Medal PARIS 2011

Generally clayed and gravelly but some parts with sand. This combination produces an exceptional red wine,
much sought after and appreciated by connoisseurs.

Vineyard around 35 years old.
Low yield : 38 hl / hectare.
The grapes of Syrah (40%) and Grenache (60%) are the components of the 2010 vintage.

Vinification and maturation
Just before the harvest the level of maturity is controlled. Combined with our knowledge of the vineyard, we do separate vinifications for each variety of grapes.
Red wines are made by maceration of the grapes : maceration (the grapes are crushed slightly before being put into the vats) accompanies alcoholic fermentation and allows the color, the tannins and the aromas contained in the grape pellicle to dissolve.
Fermentation is carried out according to two principal stages. First of all a constant supervision and control of temperatures which should not exceed 32°C, so as to conserve and develop the fruitiness and aromatic potential of the grape. After that, the pumping over of the must from the bottom of the vat to the top is carried out to extract colour and tannins and to maintain homogeneity. These two operations are carried out once a day until maceration is over, three or four weeks for a red SEGURET.
After this period, the vat is drained off, the free-run wine is sent off to concrete vats to completely finish fermentation. The marc is extracted from the vat and crushed in antique wooden presses, proof of as delicate work as possible. The pressed juice obtained is immediately added to the free-run wine.